About Us

We are Portuguese Filigree, an e-commerce jewellery company. 
Our story begins with two dynamic Portuguese sisters and a creative husband, who saw an handmade jewellery industry that lacked astonishing handcrafted Portuguese silver jewellery. Since that day we decided to put all our efforts in getting in touch with Portuguese Filigree artisans to deliver the best items ever. Challenging? Yes. But not impossible. We work hard to nurture what we are most passionate about.
Portugal is a country with strong traditions in the art of filigree jewellery and has a rich heritage of timeless jewellery. Over the years, the art of filigree has remained alive as a distinctive symbol of the regions of Gondomar, Viana do Castelo and Póvoa do Lanhoso. Portuguese filigree is an essential accessory and a mark of social distinction, being mostly used in special events such as weddings or popular festivals.
In Viana do Castelo, a bride has not only an astonishing pair of sterling silver Queen Earrings (it is said that they brought fertility to the wearer) but also two or more gold necklaces around her neck, with at least one heart-shaped pendant. Even Sharon Stone uses breathtaking filigree pendants made by one of our artisans.
Our pieces are not just full of tradition, they are delicate work about fantasy rather than reality; they intrinsically belong to you and describe yourself as a woman. Which type of person are you? Creative – Criativa in Portuguese? In love - Apaixonada? Fearless - Audaz?
We will happily help you celebrate the special occasions, life accomplishments, honour the deepest relationships and to capture the unspeakable beauty of life and those who matter most.
Wear them. Spread them. Worship them. Just like we do.
Our registered office address is: Centro Empresarial da Maia, Rua Engenheiro Frederico Ulrich n.º 3210, sala 211, 4470-605 Maia. Our VAT Registration Number is: PT513649450. We have a retailer license from Oporto Assay Office with the number: P416345@.

Your opinion is crucial to us to provide you even better service. Feel free to contact us at: info@portuguesefiligree.com.